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Mace (Javitri)

Mace is native to the Banda islands in Indonesia and commonly used in South Asian cuisines. In India, mace is commonly known as Javitri. Mace visually looks more like a covering of a seed similar to a net. It is also known to be a commercial source of nutmeg butter and essential oil.

Mace Spice (Javitri) is obtained from a species called Myristica which is a  nutmeg tree. M Argentia, M fatua, and M malabarica are also trees that are cultivated for their nutmeg fruit. But these are inferior in comparison to their flavors and aromas obtained from M fragrans. Mace Spice (Javitri) is crimson red in color and appears like a thick thread. Mace Spice is extracted from the seed of the nutmeg plant, dried in the sun before sold in the market. It is sold as a powder or as a whole.



Ingredient Name

Bangali Jaeetri
Gujarati Jaypatri
Hindi Javitri / Javathai
Kannada Japatri / Jayithree
Malayalam Jathipathri
Marathi Jaypatri
Oriya Jayatree
Tamil Jaadipathri
Telugu Japathri


Health Benefits of Mace (Javitri)


1. Good for Digestion

With a large number of health benefits, Mace Spice (Javitri) regulates the digestive system. Mace included in your diet keeps constipation, flatulence /gas-related issues, bloating of the stomach, and constipation away. Mace Spice or Javitri spice also regulates bowel movements, cures nausea and diarrhea.

2. Acts as Appetite Enhancer

While we have stated earlier that Mace is an effective spice that reduces bloating and helps in digestion, this definitely leads to improving the appetite. Mace spice works effectively in opening and encouraging your hunger levels.

Mace Spice or Javitri largely improves eating habits and should be recommended to people suffering from the loss of appetite. Including small amounts of mace in your daily food intake helps resolve many health issues easily.

3. Benefits Blood Circulation

Studies indicate that regular consumption of Mace Spice (Javitri) in your daily diet can boost blood circulation. Healthy skin and body demand strong blood circulation. Optimal heart functioning depends on optimal blood circulation, which is facilitated by mace.

4. Benefits Dental Health

Eugenol, a colorless or pale yellow liquid compound that is one of the principal constituents present in the oil of cloves and mace is known to relieve toothache.

Mace Spice (Javitri) also ensures good dental health too. It eradicates dental problems like bleeding gums along with effective control over bad breath. It protects your teeth and keeps oral infections at bay. Due to its antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria, thus mace is used in several kinds of toothpaste too.

5. Protects Kidney

Mace or Javitri has an excellent ability to protect your kidneys by preventing the development of kidney stones in your body. If you are suffering from kidney stones, it dissolves them effectively. This way it acts as a natural remedy for treating kidney infections and other conditions that could be attributed to kidneys.

6. Improves Heart Functioning

Javitri or mace spice improves the heart functioning because it has a sumptuous amount of potassium which is an important mineral to keep the human heart healthy. While it has the ability to relax the blood vessels, it is the best thing to work for a  hypertension patient. Regular intake of mace not just keeps the heart healthy but also controls the blood pressure.

7. Bust your Stress

Javitri another health benefit is that it acts as a stress buster, Surprising isn’t it? But true to the header that Mace is an excellent stress buster. It is known to be a memory booster and it increases the ability to pay attention while on work to detail. It induces peacefulness and calmness by eliminating anxiety and tension. With the qualities mentioned above, Mace relieves mental exhaustion as well.

8. Cold and Cough Problems

Mace effectively treats cold and cough. It protects you from viral relapses and flu by shielding your body against virus attacks. Mace is used for preparing cough syrups and vaporous for getting relief from the common cold. It is a remedial measure for patients suffering from Asthma. Mace is used extensively in Indian traditional medicine due to its anti-fungal properties. Known to be an antidepressant aphrodisiac, making your daily life absolutely smooth.

9. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Mace is filled with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that include essential compounds that are popular for anti-inflammatory abilities. Mace effectively treats inflammatory conditions like joint pains, arthritis, and  Lumbago.

10. Wonderful Aroma

Mace has an amazing aroma and thus used for preparing perfumes. It enhances the taste of your culinary delicacies.

11. Brain Function

Since time immemorial, mace has proven to stimulate and enhance brain functionality. Consisting of components like macelignan and myristicin, mace stimulates the neural pathways and improves cognitive function. By facilitating the above it improves concentration and memory.

12. Shine it up 

While we have been stating that Mace has properties of a great anti-inflammatory, it also works as an antibacterial and provides instant relief from irritated or itchy skin. The soothing property of mace leads to instant relief by keeping it hydrated. The dead skin cells or pores are taken good care of mace by helping clear off blackheads on the skin. Mace is also known to eradicate scars caused by acne and helps in giving you a flawless and radiant skin

13. Use of Mace

Mace is used in food preparations for its aromatic flavor. Subsequently, it is used in flavoring stews, curries, pickles, sauces, and ketchup. Mace is added to sweet puddings, muffins, cakes, and bread to impart its flavor. In India, It is usually used while brewing milk, or tea because it tastes like pepper. In western countries, mace is often used to make mashed potatoes, broths, soups, and rice delicacies to tremendously enhance their taste.

14. Side-Effect and Allergies

Mace is a plant product and is unsafe if consumed in larger than permissible quantities. It could be one of the major reasons for a miscarriage in a pregnant woman or a defect in the newly born. While with the given statement, this could be the case as dangerous for nursing mothers too. Mace has also been linked to hallucinations if taken regularly in a heavier dosage.





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