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The name of “Windhu” has given you an appreciation for many beautiful and refined aspects of life–music and art, literature, drama–and the outdoors, where you find much peace and relaxation, but it creates a far too sensitive nature.

Windhu Kitchen will fulfill distinct event needs with excitement and creativity, the finest quality ingredients, and flawless elegance. Here at Windhu, I believe that food is a celebration of life and that traditional foods are an enduring part of our culture. We challenge ourselves every day to live up to our name by preparing and serving traditional, home-style Indian meals with devotion, elegance, and grace. Capturing this authentic flavor has become a critical undertaking for Windhu, and we are proud to continue to cook traditional meals from recipes perfected from over thousands of years.


A Software analyst by profession, but a self-taught cook by passion, I was born, raised, and educated in Hyderabad, India. I became interested in culinary arts at a very young age. Standing by my mother’s side as she cooked the family meals, I experienced the love and care infused in every meal she prepared. Seasonal vegetables, homemade spices, and fresh ingredients were center stages to every meal she made. My passion for food comes from generations of a family inspired cooking.

In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with different styles of cooking and discovering new recipes. My South Indian inspired style combined with my own unique flavors has shaped me into the woman I am today.

‚ÄčOther than cooking, my other prominent passion in life are my three children. I love that I have been able to take my daughter and two sons on this journey with me. I hope you enjoy my food just as my family has over the years!

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