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Homemade Chicken Haleem

Chicken Haleem, a very popular...


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  • Andhra Style Masala Chili Bajji | Mirapakaya Bajji

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    This delicious chili bajjis is also known as mirapakaya bajji in Andhra. It is a well-known street food there. The combination of crunchy spiced onions with the crispiness of the fried green chili bajji is truly tongue-tickling and yum. Long Medium Chilies 2 Cups Gram Flour 1/4 Cup Rice Flour 1 Teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste […]

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  • Pudina Palli Chutney | Mint Peanut Chutney

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    This slightly different from regular mint chutney and has vibrant color and flavor. The combination of the roasted peanuts’ nutty flavor with the flavored mint & tomatoes makes this a rich, easy, and spicy relish—pairs well with Dosa, Idli, or Rice. 1 Tablespoon Oil 5 Green Chilies 1 Tablespoon Sesame seeds 1/4 Cup Peanuts 2 […]

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  • Chicken Hot & Sour Soup | Restaurant Style Chicken Hot & Sour Soup

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    This easy chicken hot and sour soup recipe comes together fairly quickly once you have prepped all your veggies. This recipe is truly satisfying and makes for a light and filling weeknight dinner meal. Serve best with crispy noodles and typical accompaniment like vinegar, chili sauce, and soya sauce. Chicken Pieces Few Onion Cubes Few Ginger Pieces 1/2 Teaspoon Peppercorns […]

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  • Healthy Carrot Kale Khichidi with Masoor Dal

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    An easy-peasy pressure cooker healthy and healing recipe. Khichdi an Indian “Detox” meal made with soaked masoor dal, rice, and cleansing vegetables like carrots, kale, and soothing turmeric. This Khichdi can be put together in minutes but tastes absolutely delicious. Drizzled with some ghee, it’s food for the soul, and very nutritious too.

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Chamakura Pappu (Colocasia Leave Dal)

Chamakura Pappu (Colocasia Leave Dal) – an easy and delicious. This pappu recipe has moong dal cooked with Arbi leaves and...

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