Founder of Windhu

Sushmitha Nanavala

A professional Software Analyst by trade, but a self-taught culinary enthusiast by heart, I hail from Hyderabad, India, where I was not only born and raised but also educated. My journey into the world of gastronomy began at a tender age, as I found myself drawn to the art of cooking. It all started with those precious moments spent by my mother’s side, watching her craft the family’s cherished meals.

In the warm embrace of our kitchen, I absorbed the profound love and care that she infused into every dish she prepared. The core of her culinary magic revolved around the use of seasonal vegetables, homemade spices, and the freshest of ingredients, all meticulously brought together to create culinary masterpieces. These cherished family traditions and the passion for food have been handed down through generations, igniting my desire to explore the world of flavors and create memorable dining experiences.

During my leisure hours, you can often find me immersed in culinary adventures, where I love to experiment with a wide array of cooking styles and uncover new and exciting recipes. My cooking journey is heavily influenced by the rich South Indian culinary heritage, but I’ve also added my own unique flavors to the mix, shaping me into the woman I am today.

Beyond the world of cooking, my life revolves around another cherished passion: my three wonderful children. It brings me immense joy to have them alongside me on this remarkable journey. Just as my family has savored my culinary creations over the years, I hope you’ll also relish the flavors and experiences that I bring to the table.