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Dry Mango Powder

Amchur Powder, which is also referred to as mango powder, is one of the Indian fruity spices powder that is made from dried unripe green mangoes. India is known for its exotic spices since ancient times. These spices are mostly used for flavoring or tempering cooked food. If you know the better uses of Indian spices, you can be more creative with them and use them in your daily life for making your food taste better. 



Ingredient Name

Bangali Aamchoor
Gujarati Karino Powder
Hindi Amchur
Kannada Mavinakai Pudi
Malayalam Manga Podi
Marathi Aamchur
Oriya Amchur
Tamil Maangaa Podi / Maangai Thool
Telugu Mamidikaya Pudi


Health Benefits of Dry Mango Powder


1. Improves Digestion

helps to fight acidity. Mango contains powerful antioxidants, which ensures good bowel movement and helps combat constipation and flatulence. Consuming amchur powder on a regular basis, by adding it to your dishes, may help you in improving your digestive system.

2. Stimulates Detoxification

Mango helps your body in eliminating harmful toxins and detoxifies them, all thanks to the presence of vitamin A, C, D, and B6. Hence, amchur is used in ayurvedic medicines to treat diarrhea, dysentery, and urinary tract infections.

3. Improves Eyesight

Amchur powder contains essential elements like vitamin A and vitamin E, which are important for your eyes. Amchur supports the proper functioning of your hormone and by consuming amchur regularly you can improve your eyesight. It also prevents eye-related diseases like cataracts, too.

4. Keeps Heart Healthy

Regular consumption of amchur powder may help in taking care of your heart. It may help to improve cardiovascular health. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines to keep your heart healthy and problem-free.

5. Treats and Prevents Scurvy

Scurvy is a medical condition that is caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in our body. A combination of amchur and jaggery is very effective in treating scurvy.

6. Weight Loss

Amchur powder is very effective in weight loss as it contains low carbohydrates. Moreover, amchur is a packed antioxidant that helps in boosting your metabolism and helps you to stay in shape.

7. Removes Acne

Amchur powder helps in removing acne and can be used as a mild scrub for your skin. It makes your skin clean, clear, and supple. It also has an exfoliating effect on your skin that helps you cure breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads.





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